Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aap Ka Surroor: ~~~~Innocuous~~~~

Best moments:The hall was almost full (all conies and stalls)
The moment movie started the complete stalls were full of high volume whistles, I think it never happened ever in any of the Amitabh’s movies
Every time when Reshmayya is shown on the screen, same volume of whistling happened
Every time when a song started, the first drop of music again collected huge volume of whistles and shouting.
People were thrilled and over joyous and tempo remained throughout
A very sincere and innocent effort (or successful projection) at HRs end in his very first movie
Equally simple projection by the new girl Hansikaa Motwani. Remember the child artist a couple of years back in TV serials – “Sanjana” in “Shakalaka Boom Boom” and “Tina” in “Des mein nikla hoga chaand”.
Free tour of Germany (Europe looks more or less the same be it Holland, Belgium, France, UK, or Germany – I mean the building architecture, houses, roads, streets)
Don’t miss Reshmaiya’s dance (he did it for almost 60 seconds)
Mallika Shehrawat can act too!

Alarming moments:The person sitting in the next row in front of me was totally drunk and was throwing bouts of gulped alcohol smell in the air, although he was with his wife, son and daughter. Pity on the father of two visible children, husband of a visible wife and himself, how could he afford to drink so heavily and still maintain to get into the theatre.

Sinking moments:Germany is the location chosen and huge crowd of Indians (of all ages) is shown in the shows of HR, but I am sure there are not so many Indians in Germany and Germans do not bother to attend concerts of HRs from India. (may be Indian classical they might be liking)
The German police has been shown as worst than Indian police which is practically impossible

Movie/Story/analysis etc.:The story is a suspense musical thriller (or supposed to be), lyrics is good from Sameer, and better than the music by HR himself. But still the songs are already hit among the Y-gen and movie is doing good in Delhi (don’t know about other places but among 4 movies released last Friday – 3 hindi and 1 english – this one is on the top as per sales records). The hero is different from other heroes – no chocolate face, no kisser, no dancer, no action, no dhai kilo ka haath, not smart like hrithik and khans, but still has something that will keep him stay in his forthcoming movies, one is his unique voice while singing (the nasal maestro), his different style of acting and dialogue delivery and his simplicity. Motwani had not much to do, she is not a beauty icon, had not much to do except displaying her peculiar style of smiling frequently, make sad face and cry at times. But at such a young age if she could do it in a good way, her acting skills can be polished and improvised in times to come.
An Indian Pop Singer comes to Germany for a series of stage performances organized by and event managing organization. Here he meets an indo/german girl Nadia who is working as a reporter for a TV channel and is daughter of a senior retired german cop (an Indian in german police) – Raj Babbar. HR meets 3 more persons also – one – the owner of his events organization which is claimed to be the largest event organizing firm. Second – a lawyer cum party fish – mallika shehrawat, and third his events manager – Ria. He falls in love with Ria, Lawyer falls in love with him, Ria’s father does not like HR to be his son-in-law as he thinks that the people in show biz are not real and having good character. Ultimately with his simplicity HR convinces Ria’s father and he is ready to marry his daughter with him. Then all of a sudden just after a grand performance on stage by HR, as he is coming out, he is caught by German Police for killing Nadia. Why did he kill Nadia? Did he? Or Lawyer? Or somebody else? He is jailed but decides to prove himself innocent! How? And he is short of time as Ria’s father is marrying her in next 48 hours…

Watch it, its different...  

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