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Album: Bhram: ||~jaane~||~kyun~||~huye~ ||~hain~||~vo~||~khafa~||

This album has six tracks in total, but is not enough to saturate you with all colors of music, all moods, all variations. Overall it is has cheerful, joyful, fast numbers with fresh voices, good music, and meaningful lyrics.
Track no. 1: Jaane kaisa hai tu
Sung by : Shaan
Lyrics : jaane kaisa hai tu, chahe kaisa hai tu, tera hua mein
Maine jaana tumhe, chahun paana tumhe, tera hua mein
Maana ye maana ke kuch na tha mein to aaj se pehle tera
Hona hai hona hai mujhko to aaj ke baad teraSummary : Although Shaan is not a perfect singer like Sonu Nigam but this guy tries to give his full in all his performance and that too sincerely. Guitar starts mildly in the beginning but afterwards it is a fast number. Sung intelligently, this song is a good party number/ dance number. Voice is quite cheerful, joyful and enjoyable and equally good are the music and lyrics.
My Ratings to track no. 1: Voice: 2/5, Lyrics: 2.5/5, Music: 2/5
Track no. 2: I am a bad boy
Sung by: Suraj Jagan, Earl D’Souza, Sunaina, Khushboo Jain & Siddharth Suhas
Lyrics: I am a bad boy, I am rude boy,
aa re is dil yaar behla re, kuch pee ke hosh behka re, kuch kar ;le josh mein,
aa re khud ko na aise tarsa re, masti mein mast ho ja re, kuch kar le josh mein
Summary: It is a rap, it is absolutely fit for Salsa dance, it is full of energy and radiance. It has English, It has Punjabi, It has Hindi. So it can be called a hin-eng-jabi song. It is a party song, it is a dance song, it is totally enjoyable song. The voices are fit to the music, music is fit to the voices, and lyrics go well with both. The coordination, synchronization of voices is quite good. Credit goes to singers to do a full justice with the lyrics, tempo and music of the song.
My Ratings to track no. 2: Voices: 2.5/5, Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 2.5/5
Track no. 3: Meri akhiyan
Sung by: Richa Sharma
Lyrics: ve aaja sajna, sajna, sajna, ve aaja sajna
meri akhiyan sun sakhiyan, roz vaariyan ve pal pal gindiyan har pal akhiyan
ab aaja mere sajna
Summary: fast music,folk music, good to listen, cannot dance on it. frankly it took some time to initially understand the starting stuff as Richa Sharma has a habit of catching sometimes trying Reshma sufi high tome style. Overall it is ok stuff, not too good, not bad too. Lyrics is better here than the voice and music.
My Ratings to track no. 3: Voice: 2/5, Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 2/5
Track no. 4: Teri akhion ki narmi
Sung by: Siddharth Suhas
Lyricsteri ankhon ki narmi, teri sanson ki garmi, pyaas dil mein jagaye, soniye
There is a love when I see you, there is a love when I touch you, there is a love when I kiss you, soniye
Summary: This guy is already present in track no. 2 and has performed well there. From a total fun song he transforms here into a romantic singer here in a Hinglish song. Fast, drums, band and all that. Voice is not unique, or extraordinary. To be a class, this guy will have to work hard and probably create his own style in singing. Otherwise he can be used as a regular, normal singer. But he sang the English stuff better than the hindi one. Before listening to this number when I saw the title of this track, I though it would be a slow number, but it is not at all.
My Ratings to track no. 4: Voice: 2/5, Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 1.5/5
Track no. 5: Lagdaa na ladgaa
Sung by: Kay Kay
Lyrics: lagdaa na lagdaa na, dil mera lagdaa na, Jaane isse kya hua,
tujhko hai khabar kya, Meri to nazar ka...  
Summary: starts with a guitar, this is not one of the best of Kay Kay, not even going to be very popular or hit. Although it is also quite a fast track, and can be used as a dance number for sure. I somehow feel that the lyrics was not given a right music and unnecessarily wasted. That waste has somehow been equalized/balanced by good voice of Kay Kay. This is a hinjabi song (hindi and Punjabi)
My Ratings to track no. 5: Voice: 2/5, Lyrics: 2.5/5, Music: 1.5/5
Track no. 6: Jaane kyun tanha ho gaye
Sung by: Sonu Nigam
Lyrics: jaane kyun tanha ho gaye, sapne kho gaye,
Jaane kyun huye hain vo khafa,begane bewafa,
 jaane kyun chahton ke sare vo pal kho gaye 
Summary: This, I would rate as the best number of this album, although not the best from Sonu Nigam. Probably this style was required as per the situation in the movie to show sadness, desperation, frustration, directionless, hopeless situation. Music is not very special, it is quite plain and straight play of drums, guitars and some other western instruments. Sonu Nigam has used large variation of modulation in this song, at times at a high pitch too.
My Ratings to track no. 6: Voices: 3.5/5, Lyrics: 3.5/5, Music: 3.5/5
My Overall Rating to this album: 2.5/5

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