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Album: Jannat: ~Zara si dil mein de jagah tu~Zara sa apna le bana

Excellent lyrics wasted by a combination of third class music and unmatched singers.
Director : Kunal Deshmukh
Genre : Romance/Drama
Producer : Mukesh Bhatt

Lyrics: Sayeed Qadri, Kamran Ahmed, Neelesh Misra
Music released by: Sony

To be released in the first week of May (2nd May), Jannat is a movie about betting in cricket/ match fixing. Lead role is being played by Safdar Hashmi and Sonal Chauhan. Music is by Pritam. Singers are Rana Mazumdar, KK, Rupam Islam, Kamran Ahmed, Richa Sharma. Overall it seems either Pritam did not get good amount of money and therefore has not given a music of his class. Even the singers chosen are not able to perform accordingly.
1.      Door Na Ja: Rana Mazumdar
Music is too loud, singer is shouting or singing, most of the time it is difficult to make out.        Use of drums and guitar is too exhaustive and loud throughout. Only good part is the beginning of this song when the music is low (only guitar), and the singer sings in low tone (normal tone).

Tera chehra meri ankhon mein basa rehne de
Khud ko thoda sa kahin mere mein bacha rehne de
Door na ja, door na ja, door na ja, door na ja, door na ja, door na ja
Aaj ke baad mera sara safar tanha hai
Aur tere saath ka bhi akhiri ye lamha hai
Aur kuch der mujhe, aur kuch der mujhe khud se judda rehne de
Aur kuch der mujhe khud se judda rehne de
Door na ja – 7 times

Look at the lyrics which is excellent but too loud music, singing style and the high pitch has made it a below normal. Music is purely western, lyrics and voice of the singer is desi, and style of singing is in-between desi and western. It appears as if a immature, newcomer, learner is singing this song. A good singer and style would have made it a very good listening. ‘door na ja’ 7 times at the end of every paragraph is quite painful.
Lyrics: 4/5, Music: 0.5/5, Voice: 1.5/5
2.      Haan tu hai KK

Jo khabon khayalon mein socha nahi tha
Tune mujhe itna pyar diya
Mein jab bhi jahan bhi kadi dhoop mein tha

Teri zulf ne mujhpe saaya kiya
Haan tu hai meri baton mein tu mere khabon mein tu….

In this song dholak has been used extensively. It looks like a mix of marriage song and a fast quawali. A good lyrics has not been justified by a good music and voice.
Lyrics: 3.5/5, Music: 2/5, Voice: 2/5
3.      Jannat Jahan: Rupam Islam

Hey suno na, dil keh raha hai, lalach badi khubsoorat bala hai
Dekho na iski dua hai aasman choo le jo uska bura hai

Drums again are overdone in this song too. Music is inspired by 1970s western country style. Probably there is a competition happening in this album who will shout more...
Lyrics: 1/5, Music: 1/5, Voice: 0.5/5
4.      Judai (Remix): Kamran Ahmed

Char dina da pyar ho rabba, lambi judai lambi judai
Char dina da pyar ho rabba lambi judai lambi judai
Tere bin dil mera lage kahin na, tere bin jaan meri jaaye kahin na
Kitne zamano baad ho rabba yaad tu aaya, yaad tu aaya

Too fast... first two lines are  stolen from a song sung by Reshma. Lyrics again is good as compared to the singer and music. Such a fast pace does not suit the lyrics. A slow version might have done some justice. Voice is a little better. This singer can do better if he sings slow numbers.
Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 0.5/5, Voice: 2/5
5.      Judai: Kamran Ahmed
Lyrics is same as above, singer is also the same, not much difference between remix and this one. A little less speed does not make it better as the music most of the time overpowers the lyrics and singer (and that happened in other songs too). Singer’s voice is shrilling rather than sweet and melodious.
Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 0.5/5, Voice: 2/5
6.      Judai: Richa Sharma
Lyrics is same as above, voice is sweeter and thus makes the number a little melodious but drawback is again that it has been sung in a faster note. Had it been sung with half the speed, it could have been a magical number. The same lyrics in male voice sung above, looks better here when the singer sings it sweetly.
Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 0.5/5, Voice: 3.5/5
7.      Zara sa : KK

Zara si dil mein de jagah tu, zara sa apna le bana,
Zara sa khabon mein saja tu, zara sa yadon mein basa
Mein chahun tujhko meri jaan bepanah
Fida hoon tujhe meri jaan bepanah

Fantastic lyrics, beautifully sung, great music. This is only the winning point in the whole album I found. The way this song has been sung and the music, all the other songs look as if they do not belong to this class. Promos are carrying only this number and probably producers knew that only this number has the calibre to draw people to this movie. Music of this song is very very good.
Lyrics: 4/5, Music: 4.5/5, Voice: 4.5/5
8.      Zara Sa (Power Ballad): KK
As good as the normal number, a little slower, sung with a little sad/serious (painful) mode. I enjoyed the regular number more than this.
Lyrics: 4/5, Music: 4/5, Voice: 4.5/5

If you (still) plan to buy this album even after reading this review, you will be able to listen to all numbers only once, except Zara Sa – that you can listen to as many times as you wish (every time you listen, I am sure, you are going to enjoy this number).

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