Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dhoom 2: ~Jo~Pyar~karte~hain~vo~ja an~nahi~lete~

Hrithik looks gorgeous, handsome, heart-throb, perfectionist, intelligent, total positive attitude and gregarious
Abhiskek looks subdued, trying to copy Big B’s attitude, not natural at times, a little sadist as he is not able to put his hands on “A”
Aishwarya is glam girl, but still looks more like a wax doll rather than a real.
Bipasha sparks
Uday entertains
Dhoom 2 is from Yash Chopra Production house, produced by Uday Chopra and directed by Sanjay Gandhvi

Hawa muthi mein hai aur aasmaan hai kadamon ke neecheMeri Parchai na choo sakne ka ranj kaafi hai tumahre liyeEgypt: “A” the Aryan. Aryan bole to Hrithik Roshan
Entry 1: “A” is a hi-sci international thief who believes in himself. He is capable of doing anything, anywhere, anytime. Queen is traveling with her family under high security in a train with her jeweled crown. After dinner Queen gets into her high security compartment and takes away her crown. Hang on folks! this is not Queen, this is “A”, disguise, resembling same like Queen. Then there is a beautiful sequence of fight between “A” and the securitymen of Queen. If you can see skies in it. somebody in skies can see it. and the next moment it is gone is what is told by the Queen to her Guards.
Goa, India: Ali. Ali bole to Uday Chopra
Entry 2: Ali is a tapori, bindaas and brave Cop (Sub-Inspector) having a marvellous Hinglish working with Mumbai Police. He disguises and goes to a gang for the supply of Cocaine. He throws down his I-Card to indicate that he is a cop and starts arguing with them and the comes Jai.
Goa, India: Jai Dixit. Jai bole to Abhiskeh BacchhanEntry 3: Jai is a police officer working with Mumbai Police. His wife Sweety (Rimi Sen) is pragnant. He comes in a stylish manner and saves Ali.
Bipasha Basu – bole to ACP Shonali Bose
Entry 4: ACP Shonali Bose is on a special mission to Mumbai HQs.  To join Jai and Ali for catching Aryan who is in Mumbai with a mission. Shonali is an old college mate of Jai and she used to like Jai during college days.
Aishwarya Rai bole to Sunehri:
Entry 5: She is a small timer thief and is a big fan of Aryan. She falls in love with Aryan, and she acts as a double cross agent for Jai. Ultimately she finds Aryan an honest person and Jai as not a straightforward person. finally she had to decide whom she has to be with – an honest thief or a self centred police officer.

Songs are good, stunts are marvellous. Bipasha has another entry in another role as Monali. Sunehri falls in love with Aryan, Aryan too falls or not, Jai and Ali are able to catch Aryan or not… if you have not watched this movie. Do watch it, it is worth watching. Full enjoyment.
The movie definitely beats any similar style hollywood movie. The disguised makeup of Aryan are extra ordinary. It is a story of guts and glory, trust and distrust, love and war. The confidence in Hrithik’s acting is at peak as usual.

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