Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Boy Bad Boy: ~~A~Failed~Attempt~~

Analysis:Had it been a village school instead of a college in a modern city, had all the good and bad boys (and girls) of this school be all in their early teens with knickers and shirts, socks and shoes, no socks only shoes, the story would have well fitted in that scenario. But it does not fit at all, with the ideas drawn from a kkkkk series star serial where any thing can be fit anywhere.

Story:New principal (Paresh Rawal) joins in, in a very poor state of college, where nothing is in place. Studies, sports, curricular activities, nowhere college is doing any good. Principal decides to do something drastically to improve the situation and for that he decides to design different sections in the college – A section will comprise of brilliant chaps, B section will consist of average ones and C section will hold the below average ones. Tusshaar is a briiliant boy (our good boy) and secures always more than 90% and Hashmi is below average. So logically Tusshaar is entitled for A section and Hashmi for the C section. But coincidentally both of them have the same initials R Malohtra (good boy is Rajan and bad boy is Raju). The pictures on their I-cards are interchanged while pasting on their I cards by the college staff and hence the good boy goes in C section and bad by comes in A section. How funny! as if only the I-card is the criteria of identifying the actual person.
Raju and Rajan are expert in dance and quiz respectively and both the names are sent for an inter college competition in dance and general knowledge quiz. Since both identities were interchanged Raju instead of dance has to participate in the quiz and Rajan has to participate in Dance. Both are totally blank in these fields. Both go to principal and disclose their identities for the sake of avoiding this but Principal refuses and challenges them to face the situation.
What next – assume – no need to watch this weak threaded story with poor acting, direction, script.

Further Analysis:Imagine a college where the students had no identity cards – before this principal joined. This can happen only in a remote village primary school. Imagine there is complete chaos, no system in place and still college has students (even good boys also exist there in such a pathetic situation) and performing/functioning.

Conclusion:The story if strongly woven could have been a good example for HR, marketing and sales people in corporate word to show how – when the ego/ conscious of a person is shaken – can do what he thinks as impossible. To show bad is bad only till he accepts himself and is not aware of the good inside lying within untouched, inactive. To show that transformations are possible, only you need to focus and realize (which is difficult) or to understand, analyze and make Bad realize (which is rare)

Final verdict:The intent of the movie/story is good which is spoiled by the content/presentation/script/loose threaded story.

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