Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nishabd: ~~~A Sophisticated blue movie~~~

RamGopal Verma and his factory: An obsessed director right from beginning freaky enough to show something different every time. His obsession towards female legs, other body parts and body movements is well known by now and the same sickness he carries onto his characters too. 

Story: A 60 years “Nature” photographer Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) happily married to Amrita (Revathi) a caring, sweet, matured and balanced homemaker and both having a young daughter in her late teens Ritu (Shraddha Arya) gets caught in love with his daughter’s friend Jia (Jiah Khan) who has come to their house after their exams for vacations. Jia’s mother is divorced and lives in Australia. Vijay, a 60 years young boy falls in love with a lady of 18 years and that is the movie all about. Story Analysis: The story ends where Vijay after ruining his married life, cut-away from his wife and when his daughter has gone to US dismayed by his stupid move of declaring that he loves Jia, does not realize still what he has lost (his wife and his daughter) and does not want to suicide just because for some more days he wants to live by remembering Jia. 

Had the story been made that when 18 years Jia tells 60 years Vijay that she loves him, Vijay might have tried to console her by presenting him a strong father or brother figure since he had lost trust in males as her father had divorced her mother. 27 years of successful married life of Vijay with Amrita was the first thing that attracts Jia towards Vijay. Or at the end instead of thinking of suicide Vijay feels sorry for what he has done and repents for that by uniting his family back. This is a worst ever character filmed in such a weak manner. The Superstar who has been idol and ideal for so many people of the country has shattered their respect towards him. Is it right that in the name of ART, Amitabh Bachan acts as characterless character. How would have it been taken if Harivansh Rai Bachchan had written some pornographic literature in the name of LITERATURE. WELL DONE MR. AMITABH BACHCHAN BY ACCEPTING THIS “X” RATED BLUE MOVIE. THE DOORS ARE OPEN FOR YOU NOW TO ACT IN XX AND XXX IF YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE "RESPECT" PEOPLE GIVE YOU. 

Character Analysis: Jia is a distorted character that does not think like wise as per her age. She assumes she is matured enough and her confidence shakes the confidence of Vijay in himself and his family. One instance when he see her playing in water makes him mad to start taking her pictures as if he is an amateur zero experience photographer getting infatuated to any thing new or different, one instance when she kisses him makes him feel that he loves her, one tickling on his leg by her feet makes him mad starting laughing non-stop. I think kids today are much more matured than the way he was made to act. Any Tom Dick or Harry of that age could do the character of Vijay and I doubt if any Tom Dick or Harry would have accepted that role. Creativity wise there was nothing to be done by Vijay, except just taking pictures of Jia, talking to half naked or exposed Jia, taking her for outing… what was there to act in that. More powerful acting was of Revathi, Shraddha Arya and the role played by Vijay’s Bro-in-law. Most of the people don’t know the background of Jiah Khan in her real life. She is more disturbed than she is shown in this movie. Would an established female artist have accepted the role played by Jiah Khan?

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  1. Jia role, I don't think so, nobody would have taken such a risk, but probably if some others had known that Vijay will be played by AB senior then maybe some might have considered.